Testimonials for Your Business — Recipe for a 4x conversion increase

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Knowing your products and services

Try to ask yourself 40 questions directly related to your products or services. This might not be easy. If you can’t ask yourself 40 questions on a subject, you are not even close to being an expert of it.

Identifying content types

  • YouTube Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • One-Pagers (short, written content pieces)
  • Two Liners (Tweetable, “sticky” quotes)
  • Social Media Posts
  • Printed Materials
  • Conventional Media Materials (TVs, Radios, Newspapers)


Heather Aholt generously built a concrete presentation on the best-known methods of testimonial video production for marketing; feel free to grab your copy here.

Listening to customers in an organized way

  1. What were you doing before joining Crossover? What were you looking for personally or professionally when you decided to join Crossover?
  2. What are you learning at Crossover?
  3. Tell me about a specific project you are working on/have worked on at Crossover that you thought was interesting.
  4. Has Crossover enabled you to do anything personally / professionally that you weren’t able to do before joining Crossover?
  5. What are your goals for the next couple of years at Crossover?
  6. Anything else? (miscellaneous / open-ended…)
Filming in Bucharest and Moscow
Filming in Budapest — Briefing in Lviv — Pizza & Sushi Time in Moscow

Organizing and repurposing raw material

We’re happy to share our testimonial video transcription and time management framework file; feel free to grab your copy here.
Jozsef C — SVP of Engineering and Operations for Crossover


Building ready-to-use testimonial material inventory

Defining the distribution channels

  1. Homepage — Index of Crossover.com
  2. Social networks — Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Glassdoor
  3. Follow-up emails — Emails our candidates (customers) start to receive after they apply to any of our positions
  4. Automated emails — Informative emails being sent by our platform informing customers regarding their application process.
  5. Product-specific landing pages — We had about 50 landing pages for every single product (position) we have to offer.
  6. Index page for social proof material — A homepage for all of the testimonial material you just created, the place where testimonials live. Currently, we have about 9 high-quality video testimonials, 39 long-form one-pager stories, and 167 short-form two-liner stories published.

Integrating social proof material into your business flow

Homepage of Crossover Website — Enriched with social proof content

Every day, we strive to improve in ways that enrich our teams, our products, our services, and ourselves. Innovation is the fabric of Crossover’s culture. Hear more, directly from our Partners.

Our mission is to connect the most talented professionals in the world with unprecedented access to high-impact, high-paying roles. What is it like to work at Crossover? Hear more, directly from our Partners.

Monitoring and Improvement

Mastering Google Analytics

  1. Application for the role (equivalent to adding a product to a cart for most businesses, or expressing an intent to purchase)
  2. Completing mandatory tests (filling in required information)
  3. Making it to the marketplace (equivalent to purchasing a product for most businesses)
  • Cohort 1 — Customers who saw our testimonials
  • Cohort 2 — Customers who didn’t see our testimonials
Some of the data we’ve used on a daily basis to track distribution performance
  1. Customers engaged with our social proof material experienced a 30% lower bounce rate.
  2. Customers engaged with our social proof material were 3.6 times more likely to apply to our jobs.
  3. Customers engaged with our social proof material were 2.5 times more likely to complete their testing process.
  4. Customers engaged with our social proof material were 4.8 times more likely to successfully complete the testing process and get into the marketplace.
Graph 1 and 2: Week over week behavioral difference of Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 — Graph 3: Conversion deltas between two cohorts

What’s Next?




Founder at Exceptionly. Software talent problem solver https://exceptionly.com

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Sinan Ata

Sinan Ata

Founder at Exceptionly. Software talent problem solver https://exceptionly.com

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