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We broke the global software talent industry. According to various sources, the global IT outsourcing market value reached over 400 billion dollars in 2020. Highly skilled software engineers from all around the world are the key actors in this market. Yet, they can only get 60 billion dollars/year (approximately 15% of the talent capital).

Problem #1 — Outsourcing and the middle-men

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  1. Do these outsourcing companies have a monopoly on talent from emerging markets?
  2. Since I now see that I can manage my whole team remotely, how can I get more effective with my software engineering budget?
  3. What percentage of my outsourcing budget is going to the software engineering talent, I’m supposed to work with together?
  4. What if I go ahead and contract these highly skilled individuals myself? How do I assure quality? Is my engineering playbook ready to accept remote software engineering talent as individuals or managers?

Problem #2 — Non-tech recruiters

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  1. Technology decision-makers and software engineering managers are more concerned with their lost focus and time in nonsense interviews than their recruiters' headcount cost. So bosses of software engineering are willing to pay but not getting what they want continuously.
  2. According to a grand experiment, a software engineer receives 8–12 new messages from recruiters daily. They are reducing their chances of success dramatically.
  3. In a pool of 2500 recruiter messages sent to software engineers, all recruiters are using almost the same template, overly using “opportunity” (966 times) and “urgent” (515 times). There are explicit knowledge, expertise, and innovation problems in this industry.
  4. Recruiters don’t know how to assess software engineer quality, which is not only the technical qualities. They are also failing to understand the engineering culture of your company.


Objective hands-on software engineering testing at scale

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  1. Mapping personality treats of the candidate (personality index)
  2. Objective hands-on coding challenge
  3. Technical interviews

Hire direct, pay direct

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  1. Remote work experience: People with no real remote work experience tend to believe it is easy. Misleading blog posts and videos showing remote work as sipping your mojito next to a pool with your laptop are not helping either. A Senior Software Engineer from Argentina with five years of remote work experience, knowing how she should manage her agenda autonomously and add value is a lot more productive than your regular office employee. At Exceptionly, we’re whitelisting candidates with a proven track record of working remotely. Not sure? I’m happy to help you experiment for free.
  2. Use 100% of your engineering budget: Once you cut off the middle-men and pay directly, you can get up to 10x more productivity and loyalty from your remote employees. Your understanding of remote talent quality and loyalty is not valid if you did it through an outsourcing company before. Simply because while you were paying $100/h for a Senior Java Software Engineer, the guy who did the actual job only gets $15/h for that work. Usually, he can’t connect, less likely to take ownership, make more extended plans with you, and jump off the moment he found a better opportunity.
  3. Around-the-clock product development opportunities: As you learn and transform your engineering structure to adopt async communication over time, you’ll realize a magic effect occurs. As you work with highly-skilled, tested individuals from different timezones, team members will have a clear plan every day as more and more work gets produced by other team members and creates action items for them as the wake-up.

Engineer-to-engineer hiring strategy

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  1. Quality before volume: While you’re working with a Software Architect with over 10+ years of experience as your talent acquisition partner, you can get the quality you need in a much shorter timeframe. It may sound bold, but I can challenge you to hire ten non-tech recruiters and compete with the software engineering talent quality Exceptionly can provide with a single Software Engineering Manager we’ll dedicate to your hiring needs. There is no magic, just a combination of essential data, great process, and expertise. I’m happy to risk my dollars. Let’s test.

Founder at Exceptionly. Software talent problem solver

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