My Lead Software Engineer just quit. What now?

“More technology companies die of Software Engineer indigestion than starvation”

Why do Software Engineers leave?

As I mentioned in Exceptionly’s first blog post, “Revolutionizing the software talent industry,” most Software Engineers are getting over ten new job offers every day through Linkedin, email, and other channels. Especially skilled software engineers with a proven track record are constantly bombarding messages by the recruiters. While popularity does not define the real talent quality, it gives us a great signal on why we need to be extra careful hiring and managing our engineering talent.

  1. Celebrate small wins in your team chat rooms. “Alex did a great job reducing our AWS costs by $2000/month by refactoring this piece of code” is an excellent sentence for honoring the relevant party and motivating others. Do this .weekly
  2. Make sure you have daily check-in chats with every single team member. Learn more about their lives, ambitions, and technical desires. Some of your team members are low performers, superstars, or rockstars, and it’s ok.
  3. Ideally, have an accurate idea about their personality before joining your team using Criteria’s Employee Personality assessment; this will help you position them correctly and assign better responsibilities. Some people thrive in a changing environment, and others outperform in a well-defined process. Use it

How to find Software Engineers — fast?

You can’t code your way out of this, and there’s no magic wand. You can’t just scrape data of 100K java developers and spam to solve this problem. Unless you are working for one of the FAANG companies or paying over three times the market averages, it’s going to be a slow process.

Top-performing Software Engineer sourcing channels in the US

  1. Github
  2. StackOverflow
  3. RemoteOK
  4. Indeed
  5. Jobspresso
  6. RemoteWorkHub

Top-performing Software Engineer sourcing channels outside of the US

  1. RemoteOK
  2. Monster India, SEA, Gulf
  3. Computrabajo
  4. Bayt
  5. Rozee
  6. Trampos
  7. Bumeran
  8. Jobspreso
  9. Wuzzuf

How to reduce human dependency in your Software Engineering process?

There are three types of dependencies in a Software Engineering process:

  1. Task dependency
  2. Resource dependency
  1. You can achieve massive improvements if you automate everything you do. From a focus point of view alone, it saves developers from losing focus by constantly switching activities. If you only need to click on a couple of buttons, you can write a script and automate that process once, which adds up to hours saved when calculated over an entire year.

What is the actual cost of not building or building late?

Here’s a great list of 208 startup fails in history, one thing in common. They either built late or couldn’t build at all. While you can enjoy the slow growth of working in a self-funded or bootstrapped company, life isn’t that easy for a well-funded VC company. There is extreme competition out there, and the cost of not building or building late is at least 10x more than a slow-growth environment.

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