A couple of days ago a huge fight started taking place between a relatively small group of Gen-Z investors in a Reddit group named r/wallstreetbets and a multi-billion dollar hedge fund named Melvin Capital. Led by a single person using u/DeepFuckingValue AKA “the king” who made 22 million dollars by investing only approx $57K.

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Long story short, Melvin Capital was shorting GameStop stocks ($GME) and a small group of young investors generally using Robinhood said no and started longing in a collaborative way. Result? They forced Melvin Capital to lose multi-billion dollars (approx $3.7B) …

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Vacation photo shooting gone wild

Since 2015 this year was the first year in which I took a two weeks uninterrupted vacation. No regrets! Flying around, and working hard is something I’m used to. We all had a couple of stressful months due to the COVID pandemic. I needed this.

We decided to stay in Turkey and plan the first week as a family vacation, and the second week as a “boys-only” yacht vacation. We took advantage of the foreign tourist shortage and spent the first week in Alanya (which usually is highly crowded) and the second week in the Gocek area.

In this post…

Stay home, be safe and keep working remotely everyone. Stay tuned for useful content about the remote work at scale on a weekly basis!

Why managers hate remote work

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Andy Tryba published a thought piece on why managers hate remote work and what might be the solution

2 Critical Steps for Fortune 500 Managers Going Remote

Happy to restart our weekly remote work reports. Stay tuned for useful content about the remote work at scale on a weekly basis!

12 Best Remote Jobs of the Week

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A selection of remote jobs from remote-first companies around the world. All hiring globally.

6 New Remote Work Tools of the Week

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The ultimate underdog figure. Mohammad Ali, before greatness — then known as Cassius Marcellus Clay

Your company will prefer working with highly skilled underdogs from around the world simply because underdogs fight harder and have less to lose.

Remote work is serving as a globalization accelerator for over a decade now. With the arrival of high-speed and affordable internet around the globe, it is transforming the way we work faster than ever these days. My personal trick for monitoring trends is looking at software investment being made around that specific topic. Look at Notion, Airtable, Tandem and thousands of others.

Today, most of the high tech money is living in the US. Some of the…

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At Crossover, Andy Tryba (CEO) is running monthly book club meetings. People from all around the world are virtually getting together for a casual 30 mins meeting where we discuss the book of the month. It’s always fascinating to see how people learn and remember different things from the same book.

In this post, I’m going to share quotes from the book named Radical Candor authored by Kim Scott as my reading notes under three categories. Management, Leadership and Personal notes. Here we go:

Management Notes

  1. Extremely likable vs getting the job done
  2. Just because of you like someone you shouldn’t tolerate…

In the past week, I’ve been watching a National Geographic documentary on Netflix. The one named One Strange Rock. The 10-episode series is interesting not only because it’s telling a unique story of our blue marble through a group of astronauts who have spent 1000 days in space but also giving great insights on how going to space changed the way they look at the world and life. I must give credit for kickass narration by Will Smith, big fan.

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Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

What astronauts experienced is called the overview effect. Wikipedia says “The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported…

We all have that colleague at work, the guy who tend to build very long sentences — over 20 words — , using strange terminology to deliver his messages not once or twice, almost every single time. The easiest path is either tagging him with ‘genius’ or ‘weirdo’ but I believe we can do better than that.

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Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

You may have not realized but you likely suffer from the same curse if you’ve spent over 10,000 hours in a single topic. In this post, I will try to explain the relationship between knowledge and communication.

Let’s start with some facts.

  1. According…

If you have management experience over five years, you probably already have an idea of what I’m talking about. In the majority of teams and workgroups around the world, there are Superstar and Rockstar type of people inside. We’re not going to talk about below-average people in this post.

I liked the way Radical Candor covering this topic because it’s real and it resonated in my business memories. Leaving below-average people and bottom performers aside, let’s talk about the definition of Rockstars and Superstars in business. …

For years I worked in a hybrid model, a model where I had to go to the office but also manage remote subordinates. Since 2015, I’m working in a 100% remote environment. In this post, I’m going to unveil what tools you need in order to be successful in a remote work environment.

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Photo by jesse ramirez on Unsplash

Some quick learnings:

  1. There’s no room for unproductive meetings and company gossips in a remote work environment
  2. Remote work can only succeed if the financial motivation is there. …

Sinan Ata

A seasoned digital marketing executive. Enjoys reading and writing on remote talent management, growth hacking, and the future of work: https://bit.ly/2VQ1T4c

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